Club Officers Feb 2022 - Feb 2023


Thunderbird Squares is an officer led club.  Each officer is elected by the members to fill a specific role to help lead, plan and run the club and dances.  We encourage all dancers to belong to a club to help promote and run square and round dancing.



President - Bob Johnson

Vice President - Brad and Susan Wise

Admin - Dale and Marie Fowler

Chaplin - Jerry Mobley

Treasurer -    Trixie Vaughn               

Sunshine - Diane Johnson

Hospitality - Ginger Evans




PSDA Reps - Larry and Marie Ouellette

Federation Rep - Elaine Granger

Piedmont Rep - Don Galloway

Callers and Cuers


Glenn Walters - Caller

Tony Simmons - Caller

Dean Kinion - Cuer (2nd Saturdays)

Sandy Simmons - Lines (4th Saturdays)